OSO 100 Release coming soon

A lot of work has been done on the OSO 100 lesson plan and it is nearing completion.  We are excited to see how it is accepted.  So … join us shortly for the release of OSO 100 FUN – When interactive technology and the natural world meld together… with purpose.

OSO 100 Team

It’s O-SO Time!

OSO is coming!

  • Prepare to be involved.
  • Prepare to see Change.
  • Prepare to have FUN!

We can no longer sit by and watch, with gaping mouths wondering WHY? our children are reluctant, if not belligerent about going outdoors, playing, learning and interacting without the aid of some thing to make noise or destroys.

We must act now if the future is to have anyone left to concern over the loss of natural wonders as the ‘civilized world’ runs rampant to put it all into museum exhibits.

Join with OSO … 100 Steps Outdoors … to reign in the slide away from outdoor knowledge and the avalanche of technological advancement – converge to two to bring about a richer understanding of the ‘HOW’ nature works, without loosing the wonder of it – found in the personal engagement of Man ‘n Nature.

Become OSO for Change!